Training for Prospective Adopters

All prospective adopters undergo preparation training. However, with an average wait of a year before they get to panel a common complaint we hear from adopters is that much of the key information is forgotten by the time they come to actually need it.

Our training workshops for prospective adopters, are intended to be delivered either in the later stages of the home study, or in the months following approval whilst waiting to be matched with a child. They are focused on raising awareness, developing practical skills, and increasing confidence amongst prospective adopters, enabling them to experience happier, more stable placements with a reduction in disruption rates.

Understanding attachment and trauma 

3 hours - £395

Covering: Understanding the meaning and causes of attachment and trauma, how trauma effects brain development, what behaviours might be seen in children who have experienced abuse or neglect, practical strategies to deal with behaviours and promote healthy long-term attachments, and where to go for additional help.

Contact – Making it work

3 hours - £395

Covering: What is contact and what are the benefits of this, how to manage a one off meeting with birth parents and the pros/cons of this, preparing for letterbox contact and what to write, managing direct sibling contact, managing direct contact with birth parents.

Preparing for introductions and early Placement

3 hours - £395

Covering: Maximising the effectiveness of your family book and DVD, what information to gain from foster carers before introductions, considerations during introductions, how to maximise early bonding, using sensory experiences to ease the transition for the child, emotions during early placement and how to manage these, dealing with family and friends issues, early signs of attachment difficulties and strategies to use to reduce these, and where to go for help should problems persist. There will also be time for questions and discussions.

Life story work

3 hours - £395

Covering: Why life story work is so important for adopted children, ways to support, promote and actively participate in your child's life story work.

Supporting the education of your child

3 hours - £395

Covering: An overview of attachment and trauma, why children can find school difficult, potential causes of problems at school, developing a suitable transition into school/nursery for your child, working in partnership with school and other professionals and practical strategies to use and share with others.