On-site training for educational settings

We currently offer the following courses as on-site training options for educational settings such as schools and nurseries:

Our on site training is a great way to promote awareness of the issues surrounding looked after and adopted children to all staff within your organisation and also provide the opportunity for staff to share any experience they may have had with affected children. All of our on-site training sessions are presented by trainers who are highly experienced in the subject area.

We offer full and half day, as well as twilight sessions which can tailored to the particular needs of your organisation and of the children your setting caters for. We can be flexible with regard to session duration and timings to fit in with your organisation's working day.

The prices quoted below are based on groups of up to 20 attendees with additional participants being charged at £5 per person. Depending on the distance we need to travel to deliver the training travel costs may also apply.

Our basic prices are as follows:
Twilight Session

1.5 hours - £250

Half day on-site training

3 hours - £395

Full day on-site training

6 hours - £650