Attachment focused child mentoring

Children who are, or who have been in the care system often struggle within educational settings. Statistics show that this particular group of children are more likely to be excluded from school, have special educational needs or leave school with fewer GSCE's than their peers. With the correct support and understanding these children can reach their potential.

Mentoring can provide children and young people with guidance, support and encouragement. It is our aim that through our direct work with children we will make a positive and lasting difference in their lives. Like many other mentoring schemes we aim to support children with a variety of issues and in a number of different areas, however our mentoring always has a focus on attachment. This means that although we will aim to form a good working relationship with a child, we will often be encouraging them to understand and accept those who are much closer to them (e.g. parents/carers, teacher, peers etc.). A child's early traumatic experiences will have shaped their view of the world, and they will often have feelings of being unsafe, scared and vulnerable. We aim to help children to understand the different relationships as well as the roles and responsibilities of those caring for or working with them.

What do we do?

The first step to successful child mentoring is to find out as much as possible about the child. We do this by speaking to the child's parents/carers, school staff and any other relevant professionals. We will then set up a flexible mentoring programme which can cover things such as:

Our highly qualified child mentors will aim to form a positive relationship with children and will work through various activities over a number of weeks, often being guided by the child. We will communicate with relevant adults during the programme, both to share developments and gain feedback to ensure the mentoring remains relevant to the current situation.

We estimate our programmes to run over 12 sessions, but this will be discussed with you on an ongoing basis. At a time when we feel the sessions should stop, or if a break is required we will inform you and discuss how to wind up the sessions so as to minimise any feelings of loss, rejection or confusion for the child. It is also for this reason that we ask you to give us at least 3 sessions notice should you wish for us to stop the mentoring programme.


£55 per session lasting up to one hour.

Travelling costs of 40p per mile will be charged for locations more than 10 miles from the Mentor's base location.