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About Us

Inspired Foundations was set up in 2011 with the aim of providing services to parents and professionals who live or work with children who are looked-after or adopted, as well as those considered in-need or vulnerable.

Having worked with children for the last 17 years, both within the education and health sector, and having completed a degree in Special Education, I have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience. However, my reason for starting this company was simple - my children. I am the very proud mother of three children whom I have adopted separately over the last 12 years. Whereas I would never change my decision to adopt, I have certainly been on a roller coaster journey whilst trying to understand the complexities of the care system, the unique issues raised by adoption and also the impact of disturbed attachment cycles and developmental trauma. In my quest to understand and help my own children I have extended my own knowledge and learnt a lot about these issues which unfortunately affect so many children and families.

The figures for the year ending March 2017 showed that England had 72,670 looked after children. If you add on to this the number of previously looked after children (whom may now be adopted, cared for under Special Guardianship orders or living with birth relatives) then it becomes apparent that there are a lot of children and families who need our understanding. However, my own experience is that there is very little awareness of these issues.

A huge part of my work is around raising awareness of attachment and trauma difficulties and how these can affect children within their day to day lives. With a mixture of my professional and personal experience I aim to provide easy to understand information and practical interventions to help support these children. It is my aim to provide regular, accessible and affordable training so that as many people as possible will be aware of the support needed by these children. I also provide services such as mentoring, consultancy and family support which I believe is essential for us to stay connected with the real issues arising for children, their families and their educational settings.

All the work carried out by Inspired Foundations is based on the belief that all children are individual, every family is unique, and each setting is different in its background, knowledge and values.

In addition to providing services through Inspired Foundations I also undertake the following roles:

  • Vice-Chair of Barnardo's Adoption Panel
  • Member of the Department for Education's Adopter Reference Group 
  • Member of the Department for Education's Expert Advisory Group for Adoption Support


I continually strive to grow and develop Inspired Foundations and therefore welcome any comments or suggestions about our services.

With kind regards,

Jennifer Jones MBE
Inspired Foundations